What's this charge for?

If you see a charge on your statement and you are not sure what it relates to, read on!

Who are SocialGO?

SocialGO.com is a website builder that allows its users to build socially-connected websites, using our fully hosted platform. Check out http://www.socialgo.com fore more information.

Why was I charged?

The charge most likely relates to a SocialGO website that you or someone else in your company signed up for.

I want to cancel this subscription

No problem. You can cancel your account at any time by selecting 'Account Settings' from the top toolbar on your site.

I don’t think I signed up for one of these accounts?

From experience we usually find that asking a few questions around your office or marketing/ IT department can clear this up.

Still have more questions?

If you feel you have been incorrectly charged, or you need more information, you can contact the billing department at any time by submitting a ticket here or by e-mailing billing@socialgo.com.